Sunday, January 10, 2010


I don't know why I still get amazed when God works my life and issues all out.  I know that He is my provider and that He will always take care of me, but I am still amazed when I see Him at work.  As many of you know David and I have been down to 1 car between the two of us and Jelissa.  This has cause a lot of shuffling  in our schedule...mostly David's.  Well, we are currently still looking for 2 vehicles but God has provided.  Someone at church is letting us use a car for a little while.  With Kristie going back to school we are hoping that Jelissa will get a car in the next couple of weeks and then when we get out taxes we can get a second car for us.

I have to admit it has been a very hard year financially with everything breaking at one time and different changes happening in our house.  The one thing I can say is I serve a very faithful God.  He is always there and has always providing.

I want to end by saying I have a great husband who is always there and is always looking at the bright side of every situation.  I have 3 beautiful teen daughters who are living for the Lord and surrendering all they have to Him.  I have a handsome little boy who keeps me on my toes and never fails to make me laugh.  And finally I have a precious little girl who with one look can melt my heart.  I love my life and I love my family, but most of all I love my Heavenly Father who gives me strength to carry on when sometimes the load seems way to heavy.

Thanks you Lord for choosing me and loving me like I've never been loved before.  

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