Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yes, I did it.  I finally pulled something over on my husband.  It's my birthday today and my husbands is on the 21st.  When could I throw him a surprise party without him ever figure what I was up to?  Yep...throw the party on my birthday, have him think that it's a surprise birthday party for me thrown by a friend, and act like you are clueless.  I did my part to a tee.

My husband takes me out for dinner and then has me close my eyes for while he drives me around town to, what he thinks is an unknown place to me.  Then he helps me out of the car and helps me up to the door, remember my eyes are closed.  Then the front door opens up and all the people shout "Surprise David!!!"

$38 dollar cake, $50 on food, $20 on a babysitter....the look on my husband's face PRICELESS
Happy birthday Baby, I love you with all my heart.  Hope you have a great birthday.  

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