Saturday, January 2, 2010

Are those Santa Cookies

So with Christmas gone I have sat back and thought about some of the memories that have just made my laugh from the inside out. One of my favorite stories happened with Darius after Christmas day. Not a day goes by that I don't sit back and laugh at something that boy says or does.
Christmas Eve Darius made cookies to leave out for Santa. He was very excited to sit with his Nene (AKA Kristie) and put the cookies on the pan. He made sure to make chocolate chip cookies, because he heard from a source close to Santa that they are his favorite. With done and on the plate Darius left the cookies for the white bearded man. The next morning, at the the surprise of Darius, the cookies were gone. In fact, Santa even left him a little note and drew him a picture. That little boy could not be happier.
Several days letter Kristie decided to made some cookies late at night for a little snack. Darius got up the next morning and walk into the kitchen, where Kristie left the cookies out on the pan, and with a big smile and great excitement he said "are those Santa cookies". Sadly we had to say no.

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